Sunday, 1 November 2009

Alone for 4 days

My husband will be away for at least four days, because of his work, either me nor my husband like it, but it is a part of his work and it´s need to be done. This will be the first time that I and my husband will be away to each other. I know we will both feel strange to sleep alone. I tried to joke to my husband and said: Darling I can fit on your lagguage, why don´t you put me there and wrap with your clothes and my husband just smile and said: Darling if you don´t like that I am away from me, think that I will feel the same too. But this is the part of my work that should be done, there will be more in the future that I will be away from you, so let´s try to start now. We just laughed each other and hug tight.

I was thinking to ask one of my friend if I can sleep over while my husband is away, but I though I am just disturbing their family, so I better stay at home alone, at least I have my own computer and I can do what ever I wanted. But anyway I can still do what I wanted even my husband is here. I know to some people they feel happy everytime they are away to their partner because they can do or eat what ever they want, but in my case I can do and eat what ever I wanted when I am with my husband. My husband will be leaving this coming thuesday morning and will be back on Friday night, I know we will miss each other...

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sexyjessie said...

Awww Shy, I understand your feelings of missing your husband.

I'm missing my bf everyday, we see each other during the weekends only.

U take care!

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