Sunday, 15 November 2009

stable pagerank for at least half a years

Sorry missed a few days here, have been so lazy updating my blog, but it is opposite to my other blog, it is because I tried to update that blog about my before and after travel ( so if you like to be updated about my blog just click this and you will be in my other blog ). Before I forgot I would like to thank you guy for always visiting my blog and leaving comments which made my blog status stable for six months now. Yes it was six months old yesterday that my blog has a pagerank three, which I am really thankful because sometimes I forgot this blog to update but the status of this blog is really strong.

I don´t know maybe later, tomorrow or next week my pagerank will be zero and I will not complaint about it, if my page rank will be zero. Anyway the day of my departure is getting nearer each day, which mades me feel excited to see my family, friends and relative in my hometown Davao. Honestly I felt happy and sad, happy because I will see my family again and sad because I will miss my husband so much. But like people said, it is nice to be far away to each other sometimes to express and measure the true love, which is definitely true.

For me and my husband we trust each other so much that when someone is away to each other we don´t ever think negative thought because our trust and love to each other is always there no matter where we are. But we know that we will miss each other a lot, because we never been away to each other since we live together for two years and four months. I know my husband is happy for me because I will see my family and he knew that it is my wish for this coming Christmas to see my first family, and I know he is also sad because he can´t hold me in his arm for at least three months ( poor husband ). Anyway enough for drama lol, what´s up for the weekend guys?


David Funk said...

Congrats on maintaining your page rank. Also, I know how much you are looking forward to going back to the Philippines especially during the holidays. It seems you need it right now even though your hubby will not be able to see you for awhile.

teJan said...

:)exciteeeeeed! heheh..congrats too about your page rank..kapila nalng ning amo nag off and on..imo strong jud sya! heheh. keep it up girl! good day!

Dhemz said...

agoy maau paka nyora kay na maintain jud nimo imong PR..way to go....:)

agoy hapit na jud ka mag uli sa atong yutang natawhan...hhehehhe...ready na imong impake diha?

tuod ngayo ko ug website atong imong napalitan nga bag...ehehhehe....:)

salamat sa dalaw nyora!

Chabi said...


grace said...

good for you my dear.. visit me naman sis..

Manang Kim said...

Hi shy, congratulations on your PR. Happy trip and be safe!

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jenie said...

...bcoz you are being a friend to me as well. hope you visit my blogs too, i lost PR2 to 2 of my blogs =(

i am here also to ask for your opinion on "marriage is more than 2 bare legs in bed" since you are married;)heartQUAKES

analou said...

I am happy for you Shy nga mag-uli ka sa atoa and will be there for 3 months. I will be 3 years here in the US and been to the Philippines 3 times but the longest time I spent with my family was only 2 weeks. Biti talaga oi. Well, my friend I wish you a happy trip, congratulations for maintaining your PR and take care always, ok?

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