Thursday, 5 November 2009


Sorry guys, I have been either bored blogging or busy to update lol. So what has happened lately? Nothing much, I am just not on mood posting. Anyway I have posted here that my husband will be away for four days, but it was delayed due to swine flu break out in Ukraine so they decided to stay for a while and made a vaccination for swine flu, my husband has done his vaccination and it gave him bad feelings, like headache and weak, but his fine now and working hard as usual. I also need to have a vaccination, but when we went to the Health Center which beside our apartment, they said that the vaccination for swine flu was finish so I need to wait for a few weeks or maybe a month, good for me :P ( I said it was good for me because I hate injection, I never experienced injection except when I was in grade 5 and living in the Philippines that time, and I hate it a lot, since that I avoid injection, I absent in the school everytime I hear that they will gave free injection, I know it was not good idea to hide but I still love it because I will be free from all kind of injection that my classmates have ). This time I am really excited for the news that my husband will tell me today or maybe the next day. I will happily tell you guys about it, when it´s already confirm. So till the next time guys. Ciao!

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Dhemz said...

agoy hadlokan man diay ni ug injection...hehehehe!

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