Sunday, 8 November 2009


Yeah I know I have been busy to something else than blogging. Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys about my previous post that my husband will tells me a news, YES! He tell me a secret that my plan ticket for Davao was confirmed and will stay there for exactly three months. I know it´s a little bit long vacation, but my family and friends miss me, and same with me. So my husband told me that I deserve that vacation for three months and I am excited to go back to my husband after three months because we we´re planning to add a little angel to our family. Hopefully we get it quickly lol, I am really excited to end my other side of me and started with a new side of me which is being a mother and it would be same with my husband, sometimes I think he is more excited than I, anyway I could understand that since he never been a father before we lived together. Who will have vacation to Philippines this coming December, maybe it would be fun to hang out sometimes..

PS: One of a blogger, told me that this blog has a virus, so I will ask you guys, does my blog has a virus which you will know when you open this blog? an answer would be great, because I never notice it (if there is a virus).


nice A said...

hi shy!thanks for visiting my blog. so you're from davao and be going home in december. i'm also going to gensan for a couple of days and go to davao for just a day. maybe we can meet there, who know? hehehe! sige ex-links tayo and let's follow each other, too.

teJan said...

hahhahah... virus ka jan! hehe! ala oi.

oooy! congrats friend..huhu, we will miss u for 3 months..mag blog japun ka didto ha! huhu,hehe.

have a great sunday!

sexyjessie said...

Lol, when I read your blog title, I thought you were pregnant. But anyhow, do have a great vacation time spent with your husband and family in Phil.

Virus? I can easily access to your site.

David Funk said...

That's great news, SHY! I recall you talking about this on YM, and glad to see it is for three months.

I don't have any problems visiting your site. I hope it doesn't become an issue for you though.

My said...

Aha! So dili diay ka diri mag-pasko ha. Why man dili uban imo husband? And no virus baya ang imong site. Btw, I like your new theme, shy.

klivengood said...

oi Shy ha..december diay ka uli ha? dad-i ko ug taga Sweden hahaha. wow, meet tayo ha..uban si hubby mo?

BTW. sus kung naa ni virus imo blog Shy, di nako muanhi diri kay basig matakdan ko hehehe....wa oi, gibinuangan ra ka adto nga naay virus ni hehe

analou said...

Hello Shy. wala may virus imong blog. Okay man pag-open nako. Wow, 3 months vacation. How I wish nga ako pod. Then paghuman baby napod. Ka-tsada jud sa inyong plan Shy ai. ANyway my friend, I wish you luck and success.. Aja!

Cacai M. said...

Wow sis nagplan na pala kayo magka-baby.. sarap naman.. heheh.. kami din nagtalk kanina but not sure pah.. just chatting pah.. anyhow, God will whisper in our ears when.. hehehh.. And am happy for your vacation sis.. ang galing 3 months pa naman.. wow! sulit na sulit yan sis.. And about the virus, nope! No virus or even pop-up now.. maganda ang layout mo.. it stand out, cool!

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hopeful said...

Hello shy, glad to be here again sis. Wow 3 months vacation, ang galing nman!

Btw, no virus sis.

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