Monday, 20 April 2009

I and Hubby joined a Voluntary Activity

It was a few days since I post here and I never told you guy that I and my husband will be away for two days. Last Friday I and my hubby joined a voluntary activity in Härryda 40 minutes by a car from the City we´re we lived. The voluntary activities I was talking is about this house for the scout people, we joined this activity because we (I and hubby) think that this is funny and we love to help. We tried to fixed the roof which needs to be finish this month, we we´re 12 people who working together to fixed the roof so that the scout peoples can able to stay there comfortable.

I accepted it was not a girl work, it was a hard work- holding a hammer and nail. And for me because I was careless I hit my nail instead the nail :( it was so hurt. It was fun but at the same time not easy work. I never done this in my whole life only now, and I am proud of my self because I did it. Knowing that I do something to help people, it feel so good inside! I feel pity for my husband because he work really hard and the same time proud of him too because he did a good job.

It was our unusual weekend to spend with, almost all the time in the roof top (laugh) but it was so great to met new nice people and work with time together plus the food was delicious and they treat us (I and hubby) good. So we think it was a great weekend. I took some good photos so everybody can see what we have done last weekend.

When we got home last night, we started to feel aching in our body. So I and hubby decided to do a bath together and after that we took a shower and went to bed early. I woke up this morning feeling all my body is aching so I decided not go to school and just stay home and relax for the whole day.


Manang Kim said...

Wow that is so generous of you to share your time and effort for a good purpose. Keep it up! The house looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi girl that was fun! ^_^
ang ganda ng kinalabasan..ganda ng house...glad your back to blogging too sis.

Wilma said...

ana jud na dri, ang wala naagian nato sa ato maagian dri. Tanang work dri ay gipili. Nakusulay nasad kog katkat og atop, atop sa among balay, namintura og uban pa.dri sa sweden pantay walay arte arte lagi hehe.

By the way Added your 2 blogs to my new blog hope you will add mine too.

augustinian said...

what a meaningful way to spend your vacation.

Lindz said...

hi SHY... massage is best when body is aching

Sugar said...

wow .. what you did was really nice .. and what you achieved for doing so is priceless ..

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