Friday, 24 April 2009

Visited Janet Cribs

I and Jenny visited our funny humor friend Janet, we grilled salmon fish and chicken with little pork which is really delicious not the pork LOL we ate it with rice and Kikoman sauce for the grilled. We met Janet´s daughter Laikka who is really adorable and cute. While we´re eating there´s a lot of talking to each other, laughing and of course joking that made us laugh so loud. When we go together we´re so naughty sometimes I laugh too much that made me cry. Jenny forgot to brought her magic sing that´s why Janet´s neighborhood is in good mood ( smile ) Jenny thought that Janet don´t wanted her to brought her magic sing that´s why Jenny didn´t brought it yesterday - anyway better luck next time. Janet is a really jolly person I never seen her sad as she said " she has the smile in the world ". It was so fun yesterday with my friends, hmm.. our next destination is Jenny´s house.

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