Monday, 6 April 2009

Not a relaxing day ended

I don´t have a school for this week and I am glad because I can breath without Swedish words in my mind, but this is only for a while because I got a lot of assignment that was stuck in my bag and needs to be done for this week. Not easy to be a Swedish student, I´m getting badly with my English knowledge and I started to talk swenglish (Swedish and English together). So I decided If I pass this term I will get a English subject for the next term so that I will not forget my English knowledge.

Besides of doing my homework this week, I decided too, to do spring cleaning here in our apartment. So it still not a break for me for this week, because I have a lot to do to be done and I ´am alone to do it because my husband is really busy for this week, but I can do this "AJA" (LAUGH). And it´s better to do something than to just sit down, because it´s really boring here at home specially when my husband is away. So I will try to do things to keeps me busy. I remember my bestfriend will visit me this week so I need to clean anyway. And this is not really a good timing for me to do these things because I just have my monthly period and it kills me with my dismenorya (HELP). It will not a really relaxing day for me ended.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis! musta? kung nandyan lang ako tulungan kita maglinis ^_^ tapos tulungan mo din ako dito sa house namin. tulungan tayo, haha.

kaya mo yan sis! ^_^ aja-aja! mala pang koreanobela ang beauty mo sis eh.

by the way sis, i have an award for you. the rules are so easy.just copy, paste and forward to friends. grab it if you have time sis. here's the link:

S-H-Y said...

Meryl: Hello din, ok lng ang bait mo nmn hehehe..yeah kaya ko to sumigaw lng ako ng AJA tpos na lahat ng gawain ko post ko na ang award mo thanks..

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