Wednesday, 28 October 2009

We did it again :P

We did it again.Yes we did met again yesterday, with our old friend but she´s first time to hang out with us. It was a very great day with my friend, these guys are my closes friends here in Gothenburg, they are very good to me, and I do the same. Anyway about yesterday, we enjoyed each company, we cook together for our lunch, and at the same time talk, talk and talk lol. After that we helped each another to prepared the table and eat. Then for the dessert, you could not ever guess, I made again a perfect banana cake. We launch and joke to each other, and it just showed how much we enjoy each other company, so till another day my friends, I am glad you made me part of your life. See you next week guys..


GAGAY said...

hi te shy! so yumm yumm post here lah! anyway, i am inviting you te shy in my triple medical celebration! hope u can come!



teJan said...

huh! kalami ana inyo food oi:) waaaaah!!! hheeh. that was a celebration gurl! thanks again!

Dhemz said...

agoy inyo man ko gpalaway woi...sige lang jud mo ug tapok diha....

naa lagi mo friend nga naka add...ehheheh!

sos ang iya man jud banana cake diay ang dessert....kalami aning sud-an...naay kalabasa ana sagol? hehehe

salamat sa paglabay nyora...bag-o lang ko nag gikan sa skul.

David Funk said...

That's sweet that you guys have become really close friends. The talking part comes as no surprise to me. LOL! Only kidding my friend.

I'm sure there are many more fun times ahead for you guys.

MarlyMS said...

My friends and I do the same when we get together too. First we go shopping then we come home and cook just anything :)
Take care,

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