Sunday, 14 November 2010

Went to Ikea..

A few months ago hubby and I discussed having a cabinet in our bedroom, we have a small room which we called our small room cabinet but I am not really fun of it since it is in the hall way. My hubby and I decided to have a three meters cabinet in the bedroom which will be divided by two ( for hubby and for me ), last week hubby said that we will visited Ikea to look around and plan how our cabinet will look likes and for the expenses that we will spend in Ikea ( Ikea is a big store for any kind of furniture for the house ). After that week, everything is fixed and planned, how our cabinet will look likes and so on. The only lacking was to buy it and deliver at home.

Yesterday we we´re in Ikea and bought all we need to assemble our cabinet, small table for the kitchen, chair. We also bought baby´s bed and other stuff for our upcoming baby but we decided not to assemble, instead we will make sure that it is ready for our baby which will sees the world this coming March with the help of God. Our home right now is messy and not allow to accept any visitors haha, we need time to clean it, specially me. Our cabinet will be soon finished and I am already happy for the result even though it is not complete yet.


Bec said...

How I wish we have Ikea here in the Philippines!

S-H-Y said...

Kaya nga eh, kasi maganda ung mga products nila at very intelligent ung mga ideas..thanks for the visit :)..

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