Friday, 19 November 2010

First real snow on Nov. 19 2010

It was around 11 in the evening when husband and I finished watching movie, and when I look outside our window I saw white everywhere which means it was snowing,I haven´t notice it earlier since my eyes are occupied by the TV. I asked my husband if it okay to go out because I wanted to took some photos for the first real winter and of course he answered me " yes why not".

We took a very short walked and started to take some photos of me and the snow haha, my husband was my photographer and I am happy because he is getting better taking a good photos. After husband took several photos we decided to go home since it was cold and we finished taking some photos. And I´m sure there will be a lot of snow this year and it will be a long and cold snowy winter season, and I am looking forward to it even though it means cold. Enjoy the photos guy!!!

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