Monday, 15 November 2010

First snow of the year

Last week we experienced the first snow and I grabbed my camera and took the first snow of the year , I accepted I am not fun with the cold weather but I still love snow. I remembered back in my warm home town, I always smile when I saw snow in the TV and said to myself " someday I will experience to touch the snow and play with it " and look where I live now, in one of the coldest country in the world. I thought I will only see snow in the TV and in my dream but I was wrong and which I am happy about it. These days the temperature is going up and instead having a snow, we got rainy days but I know soon there will be a lot of snow experience for me. This will be my fourth winter here and I love it!!

1 comment:

sexyjessie said...

Shy, I really loved snow, experienced it when I was in US long time ago.

Hate the cold, tough.

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