Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My first home made chocolate cake

My husband´s birthday will be soon, and I asked him if he wanted to celebrate it with his friends, and he said he would prefer to celebrate it with me and our little angel at home, but I´m sure there will be party at my in law´s house like they usually do during birthday and other occasion. I have been thinking what would it be great gift for my husband, he did not ask any gift but I will like to give him since he always give me gift on my birthday and other occasion. He did not ask but he will love if I can bake a cake on his birthday, and since I never bake a cake before, I surfed the net and find some chocolate recipe and decided to made one as a practice haha. And it went well, husband love my simple but delicious chocolate cake, and this time I will not worry because I save the ingredient for the chocolate cake whoich I´m going to bake on his birthday. I am really satisfied for the result of my first home made chocolate cake. Does it look delicious guy?

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