Monday, 27 December 2010

2 nights..

My sis-in-law kids while opening their gifts

Like we usually do, we spent Christmas Eve at my parent-in-law place and come home during Christmas day, but we haven´t able to come home during Christmas day, instead we stayed for another night at my parent-in-law because my sis-in-law wasn´t able to visited us during Christmas day due to busy days. We can´t go home since we haven´t give our gifts to my sis-in-law kids so we stayed for another night.

Since living here, I haven´t sleep for two nights at my parent-in-law place, this was the first time. I thought it will be boring, but our Christmas day turned out a great Christmas day with my second family. I and my mom-in-law have a good chemistry, we had a good conversation and we played game and laugh together. While my husband was with my dad-in-law, having a good conversation likes we had. So it was a great bonding together.

Gifts from my in-law

Our stayed to them turned out to be a good idea, we met the rest of the family, have gave the gifts to the kids. And finally last night we we´re home. On our way home, we walked through the forest toward to tram station, it took us 15 to 20 minutes to walked hand in hand in the white, freezy winter time, even it was cold we still enjoyed it. It was a wonderful view, white everywhere. Walking three of us, included our baby Junia ( it is strange but we are use to call my baby in my womb as a Junia ) was a great feelings.

I got gifts from my parent-in-law, I thanks my parent-in-law for accepting me as their daughter-in-law without any doubt, which made me very happy everyday.


Lulu Post said...

thanks for dropping by and wow i so love walking in the snow... we did that too on Christmas day!

sexyjessie said...

Glad that you enjoyed yr Christmas with your in-laws!

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