Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas EveryOne

Time check! Three in the morning and here I am just woke up ha ha. I went to bed around ten in the evening and my husband went to bed around two in the morning. Here I am clicking the keyboard of my laptop, while husband is deeply asleep. When I woke up he was beside me and greet me a MERRY CHRISTMAS, since I just woke up I am not in my mind LOL, which made me answered him " it is not Christmas ye " instead of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO.

We are invited at my parent-in-law place to celebrate Christmas eve, we probably sleep there, and on Christmas day, we will go at my sister-in-law house and spend a few hours there, and give our gifts to her kids and will be back home in the afternoon on Christmas day.

During this kind of celebration, I always miss the Christmas way in my hometown Davao, it has a big difference from here. Christmas day here is like an ordinary day, just have a private dinner with family and watch the traditional cartoon show in the TV and that´s it. But anyway I need to use to it, since I lived here, I think it will takes time to use to it.

Last year I spent my Christmas with my parent back home, which made me miss them a lot. It is not easy to be away from my parent since this is the first time I am away from them since birth ha ha. I´m sure my mom will cry this Christmas Eve, I remembered what she said to me when I was with them last Christmas " she was crying said, next Christmas you will not with us again " . My mom is very emotional and can cry easily, like me ha ha, maybe, just maybe in 2013 I can spend Christmas again with them, we will see. Anyway have a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!!


A.M.I.N.A said...

Merry Christmas too!

*OHMYGUMS* said...

May you and your family have a blessed Christm

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