Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Found our bathroom furniture

I have post here a few weeks ago that we have been buying furniture for our home. We have completed our cabinet, it is totally finished now, we have bought the remaining interior last week and hubby and I are very glad about it. We also bought baby furniture but we haven´t assemble yet because we have agreed that we will assemble it few weeks before my delivery.

So everything we need for our home is almost finished. And now we are hunting for very good quality for bathroom furniture. We have talked about it few days before our cabinet was completed, since our cabinet was finished we thought it would be a great idea to find for a new bathroom furniture.

Hubby and I have been searching through Internet, we thought maybe we will find a good deal when it comes to bathroom furniture. And yes endeed, we find one, actually it was my husband who found this site www.betterbathrooms.com, we look through it, and we find their offer very interesting. They sell different kind of things you can find in a bathroom, for example heated towel rails, bathroom accessories, bathroom taps and many more. Plus they also offer bathroom suites for up to 55 % OFF RRP.

All we need to do is order and wait until it arrives in our door, how about you? Do you need anything when it comes to bathroom? Then you are in a right place!

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