Sunday, 19 December 2010

My teacher is also a writer

We had our party lasts week and it was fun. There´s a lot of food, good conversation and some games. We had a question and answer game, and my group had won this game and as a price we got my teacher new released book, and of course all got it too. I thought it´s only the winners who will have it, but I was wrong. My teacher is not only a teacher, she also a writer, she loves to write different kind of stories and I have read one of her books and it was great book, I enjoyed it a lot specially because it has an easy Swedish words.

I have already started to read the book above, and I enjoyed it so I´m sure I can finish it a week or so. You see I don´t enjoy reading but since I live with my husband I started to appreciate what is the value of the book and how important it is. You can learn different kind of aspect in life and I know it is good, that´s why I am trying my best to start to enjoy reading a book like my husband does.

Let see guys, how it goes for me, who knows one day I will be a writer ha ha.

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

wow ka nice....teacher na writer pa!

kumusta naman ka tawon nyora...been a long time...hope all is well...when imong due date?

regards lang ko ni tejan...ehehehe!

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