Thursday, 6 November 2008


This past few days was colder than it should be for autumn season. On my way to my practicum,I almost fell down on the ground because it was slippery and when I got to my practicum. When I was outside played with the kids I felt my hand almost numb because I don`t wore gloves.

I like winter season specially when it´s snowing but I hate to walked and fell down on the ground because of slippery road and I hate also wearing lots of clothes. But I know I needed to wear it otherwise I will be freezing :=).

The leaves are falling from the trees and the people are starting to wore boots, gloves and lots of clothes ( this is what I hate during winter season ) It´s always cold here even during summer session.

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Weng F. said...

haha, nadalin as pod ka? dont worry wa ka ma inosara.
Ako jud kay nagbike going to work, dangog ang dalan hinayhnay ra.pero pagliko dako kaayo buto kay natumba ko og akon bike tungod kay ang ground ice. maynalang kay naa koy helmet wa pa emergency dritso haha.
A day after nanakit akong lawas hasta liog,karon arang arang na.
hubby told me, dili pa ni mao hehe

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