Wednesday, 19 November 2008


These are my teachers, they are both good teachers to me and to other students too. They are not only my teachers they also my friends, advisers and mother :=). These two kind lady are best friend since they were teenager. They really like each other and they have the same interest in life. They are both marriage and have kids. Oppss! I forgot my another teacher in math I hate math you know - too bad she´s not there when we took this picture..

What else I can say?? Hhhmm... Everytime somebody have problem from school (in our group) they always there to help you no matter what happen or give you advice what to do. I will miss them a lot because next year I will have another room and teachers :=(. Hopefully I can pass the exam- wish me luck guys :=). It means I need to study :=( huhuhu I hate studying. And I am thankful because they been a part of my study here in Sweden, a kind people like them is a treasure and I am proud to be there student.


Chyng said...

hi shy!

regards to Sweden! Bongga ka!

Be your self by tour self said...

thank you good article..

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