Thursday, 13 November 2008

Visit to a friend

Me and my classmate Jenny visited a friend name Norby, she is not only our friend she is also our classmate. She is from Ecuador and she speak Spanish- some words she saying we understand because Tagalog is related to Spanish language also the culture right?. We met her son who is 4 years old- he was so sweet because he gave to me the necklace he made. Norby is both nice to me and to Jenny- so we decided to help her to prepared the food for tomorrow because it´s our "Theme Day" ( Tema dag in Swedish) We had fun while preparing the food because we both comfortable to each other even she is not a Filipino.

After we had prepare the food for tomorrow, we ate our lunch and had a little glass of wine while talking a lot about our coming exam. I am crazy, because our exam is coming very soon but I never tried to read or study Swedish- sad to say I HATE STUDYING SWEDISH LANGUAGE IT GIVES ME HEADACHE :=). But good for me because even I don´t study I still able to talked and understand Swedish ( not all of course ). And we done already our training test and I felt confident that I can pass the exam-I´m really hoping for that because back in Philippines I never failed with any of my exam.

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Allen's Darling said...

Hi SHy,

that's good u have lots of friends there...ingat.

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