Sunday, 23 November 2008

MY HUSBAND´S BIRTHDAY is my husband´s birthday, we did not celebrated with friends. We just two who celebrated at home and I´m pretty sure we will be invite to come to my parents in law house, my husband is a private person I mean he don´t like to celebrated his birthday with friends and he think birthday occasion is for private matter. He don´t like his friends know about his birthday, that´s my husband :=).

I don´t buy any gift for my husband because he told me that I don´t need to buy anything for him because I am the nicest gift he ever received in his birthday and also he is the luckiest guy in the world because he found me, am I lost and found? hehehe that´s my husband sweet as always:=).

So tonight I make roasted chicken and rice because he told me before when his birthday comes he wanted to eat "Filipino recipe" so that´s why I make that dinner tonight. Anyway here in Europe during birthday occasion they don´t prepare food instead only drinks and cake, not same in the Philippines during birthday occasion almost all neighbors are invited. I like more in Philippines, we have saying "no home like Philippines" and I think that´s right.


theultimatefoodaddict said... sweet. wish you and your husband more birthdays to come:)

Ailecgee said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

adette said...

you're right shy...there's no place like Philippines.

蓝色雨 said...

Wow.. so someone is going to have a romantic candle light dinner ya? Enjoy~ ^^

Happy birthday to your husband!!

Ivana said...

Happy Bday for ur husband!!anyway,care 2 xchange links with my
funny humor
blog? I've put ur link in my blog.Thx

Babette said...

Hi Shy, belated happy birthday to your husband. :o) Ganyan din husband ko, family lang ang celebration but I told him when he turns 50 sa ayaw at sa gusto nya maghahanda ako. LOL
Anyway, thanks for adding my link, I've added urs too in my Definitely Maybe blog. I hope to be friends with you. :o)

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