Saturday, 22 November 2008


Well guys remember in my previous post that I am doing practice in the kindergarten?? Yesterday was my last day in kindergarten because soon I will finish this term hopefully if I can pass the exam this coming Dec 1 and 2 - wish me luck guys. I felt sad and happy yesterday when I left the kindergarten, I am sad because I will miss the cute kids and happy because hopefully I will start a new term again and I will have another practice..

Saying goodbye to the kids is not easy, I almost cry ( don´t know why ). Maybe I am too emotional :=(. I try not to cry because I will visit them as often as I can. You know I like kids because I think they are so cute hehehe. It´s been a year now since I start to learn language and profession. I remember when I first arrived here in Sweden I don´t know any single Swedish word but now I am able to talk to Swedish people and I am happy because I learn foreign language. Learning language is very fun and sometimes gives headache hehehe.


janed said...

hi.. im here again.. gudluck

amiable amy said...

wow..interesting shy...who would have thought you can now communicate Swedish? Good ha...congrats...i knew that those kids are so cute. I work in a day care too for few days but i need to say goodbye to them...i miss them so much. im sure u did miss them that much

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