Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I missed them

I was irritated today because I have been texting my brother to tell my mom to chat with me today. And it was not only today, I texted three times, last week and last Sunday telling them that I would love to chat with my mom since I miss her so much, but nobody came online except my brother and when I asked if mom was with him, and he replied " No she is at home and doing households" I started to get irritated ( nowadays I get quickly irritated ), and thinking maybe they don´t missed me at all :(. I don´t have any idea what was happening there.

I texted again my sister and brother, but haven´t get any reply from both of them. So I am suspecting that maybe my roaming number was expired since I can´t receive any reply from them, I used to get reply from them everytime I texted them but today and the other days no replied from them. I get worried now because if ever my roaming number was expired I don´t have any idea how to activate it or can I still activate it or not. I miss my parents right now, since it was last December I talked to them through online. All I wants is to see my mom and dad since I am dreaming about them for few days now.

I hope they will come online as soon as possible and I will try to be in the computer during day time in Philippines.

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teJan said...

they will soon don't worry.. mao na kay hapit na imo birthday nya botod pa jud ka..gusto jud ta pirmi nato kastorya ato mother!

amping juntis! it will be fine with you!

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