Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I was surprised in a good way

Last week the husband and I went to the shop where you can buy things cheaper. When it comes to cheap things we love it but that depend also how much we use it and for what. When we we´re inside the shop, I picked what I thought could be useful specially for my up coming birthday and baby shower whiles my husband was in the eyewear section. I was curious and asked my husband " are you planning to wear eyeglasses? And he answered me yes because my lenses are not good for reading. He tried some of the eyeglasses, and I thought to continue shopping while he´s busy.

While we waited in the counter to pay our stuffs, my husband whispered words to me " I´m glad to see you happy while doing shopping " and I just smiled at him. My husband is always worried nowadays because of how my hormones attacked me, for example crying without any reason. That´s why he is very happy to see me in a good mood evens though it´s seldom.

I was surprised in a good way, when my husband came home yesterday with a pair of eyeglasses. I know he doesn´t like wearing eyeglasses but it is necessary for him since he is a bookworm and I am the opposite haha. I have tried reading books but it just not my things, I know there are many things I can learn from reading, maybe someday I will enjoy reading and I am absolutely sure that 50 years I need a pair of eyeglasses.

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