Thursday, 24 February 2011

I´m pissed off

Last week my roaming phone has been silent, it doesn't mean that nobody texted me back home, it is because my roaming number is not activate anymore, why? Because I forgot to load it. I was so pissed off because of being forgetful this past few months. But there´s nothing I can do about it, it´s done already, all I need to do is to get new roaming number, I am planning to ask my brother to send me a new roaming number through ordinary postal. I hate these days, for not having information what is happening to my family back home specially about my parents.

It is also wrong timing for not having roaming number since I will give birth to my baby soon, and through texting is the best communication we can have since calling is expensive. I can call if I like but for me I prefer texting because I can think what to say, but through calling I get mental black LOL. Maybe I will have a short call to my family after giving birth to my baby soon. I know my parents are worried right now because of my situation ( pregnant and million miles away from them ) If you are a parents, I am sure you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you have any ideas how to activate my roaming number, it would be a big help for me. Just give me a message, or if you like to volunteer to send me a roaming number, it would be much appreciate LOL.


Fe said...

shy, you can do it online...just register your smart number at ... mao na ako gabuhaton everytime magvisit ko sa holland. Just make sure n naay load atleast 100 pesos. mas dalian pako ana...dha r man gud ko ga roaming pag abut nako sa holland.

Karla said...

Hi Shy! :) Thanks for visiting my site. I think you can have a relative activate your roaming number for you. Or you can also try Fe's suggestion. I hope the activation thing works so that you can text your parents right away.

Btw, I wish a safe delivery for you. I'm sure you must be excited to see your baby soon. ^_^

Marie said...

That almost happened to me once! I forgot the expiry date of my load, tapos when I tried to load a new card, nag check-op na siya and I couldn't load it. I used to send the code of the card to my hubby in phils and asked him to pass the load to me. After a few hours, it worked, much to my relief!

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