Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pinay Mommy Online Thanksgiving giveaway!

There are many things that I am thankful for:

First to be thankful for is... I found my soul mate and true love six years ago, and now we are living together here in Sweden and have been married for four great years. Like other married couple, we struggle problems, fight and misunderstanding each other, but thanks GOD we managed to overcome all that trials that could destroy our relationship instead our relationship became stronger and stronger everyday. Oh! Last January 20 was our four years wedding anniversary, I never been so happy since I lived with my husband, and I couldn´t ask for more.

Second to be thankful for is...I had a chanced to visit my family in the Philippines last year, which made my parents and siblings really happy and so do I. I had a three long months vacation which I am thankful for my husband for allowing me to stayed with my parents for that long, I know he understands how much I miss my family back home. When I was there, I spent most of my time being with my parents and siblings, go out in the mall watch movie, eat in the restaurant and met my best old friends and hanging with them and just enjoy the moment.

Third to be thankful for is... My dad has been very ill last 2009 which made me very worried every time I got a news from them that he is coughing a lots of blood made me cried. Year 2010 he has his medication and since then when he finished taking his medicine for half of a year, he became better and healthy, so far he is fine now and been talking to him through chat and asked me when I can able to visit them again. For my mom, she is a healthy woman but when I knew that she has a fever or other light illness I get really worried. I´m sure you understand how I felt as a daughter who is thousands miles away from her parents.

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teJan said...

Yeah really deserves for thanksgiving all those great things that happened to you! nice post!

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