Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I finished watching the 6 episode of 24 and I love it

Finally I am finished watching the dvd of 24 show, I know I am already too late about this show but since I really love this show, I told my husband to find some of this dvd and guess what he found it. I already finished watching the six (6) episode of this show and by January it will be release the seven (7) season of 24, I am really excited to watch another episode of this show. My husband doesn´t like this show hehe but he still find it just for me, (thanks hubby :p). I like Kiefer Sutherland as an actor, and I started to watch 24 show when I was still in the Philippines, this is our family show, my mom, dad and sisters and brothers love this show likes I do, so you can say that it´s our family show lol. Anyway, anybody watch this show?


Glenda said...

yay! my older sister watch this too... but i dont. hehehe i'm more into korean dramas. LOL


How about 24 hours the movie? kita naka? bisitahi pud ko dhay!

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