Monday, 12 October 2009

Waka Waka Game in FB

This weekend I was tired of my blogging and wanted to find new interesting site where I can spent my rainy and lazy weekend. So I thought about the Facebook game, since it was only farmtown game I know in FB I thought it would be fun to try the other games that FB offers. It was more than 20 different kinds of games which has the FB offers (I just know about it just now). I came to this Waka Waka game which I played before way back in Philippines. Since I knew the game before, I started to enjoy it, and since last friday I started to hang out there and just play. I just realized now that FB is very entertaining site besides of you will find new friends all over the world, you can also play with their different kinds of games. Who play Waka Waka here huh?

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hello shy, added your blog a looong time ago in my blogroll, hope to find mine in your blogroll too..

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