Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Our destination for our anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is one month away, and my husband already asked me what would I like to spend our anniversary. Since I don´t have any idea which places best to spend our anniversary, instead of answering him, I asked him for any suggestion since it´s our anniversary. Since he knew the swim with dolphins in Tortola, he suggested if I would love to go to Tortala and swim with the dolphins. And I definitely said "yes" and since that time I started to be excited and looking forward to swim with dolphins.

It would be my first experience to swim with dolphins, and I am really excited to touch and play with the dolphins. Anyway it will be both exciting for me and my husband because likes me my husband had never experience to swim with dolphins, he told me that he is also excited about our destination next month. He already started to save money for our trip so that we will not have any problem but only relaxing and happy moment during our anniversary.

It would be also his vacation from his work, I know that these passed few days he went home late because he´s been working so hard. I am happy for this vacation because it is my first time to travel since I migrated here in Sweden, it was because of my husband´s work. But next month will be his vacation from work, and it would be vacation from school too. How about you, have you ever experience to swim with dolphins? Why don´t you try it and enjoy you're swimming with the dolphins.

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