Saturday, 24 October 2009

What´s Up

I haven´t posted here for a while due to my hectic and crazy schedule from the school, lots of things happening at the same time. I lost for a while in my blogging mode because I need to concentrated in my study (you know this is more important than blogging lol). But I got a bit of break coming up which I will have a nine days holiday from the school starting tomorrow until the next Sunday, isn´t great huh? This is my favorite time, where I can decide by myself what to do or not to do. I still love it, even though I got a bunch of assignments waiting for me to do it, but I still try to meet my friends during my holiday because I don´t want to be stuck in that assignment things even I am free from school.

Oh let´s stop talking about my school, I´m getting bored here LOL. Anyway before I forgot I wanted to thank you guy for always visiting my site even thought I haven´t visited you back, but I will try to do that starting today and the rest of the weekend. I have noticed that it was exactly a week ago since I posted here if I was not mistaken. I miss the blogging things, specially visiting others blogs and commenting to their post, I love to do those things. What more I can say? Oh yes - for the weekend, I and hubby haven´t talk about what we will do during that time, but I am sure we will have a laundry time tomorrow since we are almost out of clothes to wear lol. Peace to all my advertisers because I made their opportunity or review expired, I was just so busy and no time to post, who wouldn´t want to earn some bucks huh? I hope they understand it.

During this month, I always prefer to stay home because of the cold weather, I know I am starting to used to it, but I still have a blood of Filipino which made me feel not comfortable for the cold weather but not all the time, because sometimes I love cold weather and I hate warm weather, I remember during summer time, which made me very moody because of the warm weather. I prefer to be in my computer or in front of the tv, having a cup of my favorite cappuccino with a bit of marabou chocolate, during cold weather. I need to stop now, and see you guy in your blog, and have a wonderful weekend, what´s up for the weekend anyway?


teJan said...

wafa jud sa gurl sa iya bangs oi!

anyway shy..must have only to balance your time and set your priorities..then evrything's gonna be alright:) see yah! amping!

sexyjessie said...

It's been awhile Shy, always follow your blog. Knew that you were busy with assignments or exams.

Weekend was great. Spent time with my bf, we went for dinner and movie. U take care, there!

David Funk said...

SHY, this goes to show you that you are wise beyond your years. I say that because you already know what is more important in life compared to many I know at your age here in the USA.

I passed on many opportunities myself, but will have a little time to post some now.

Anyway, glad to hear from you and always appreciate your visits and comments my very dear friend!

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