Saturday, 29 January 2011

Friends are a blessing

Few days ago we visited Janet, since she just fresh from Philippines and she brought Filipino. It has been like tradition to visit friends who has recently from my country Philippines and eat Filipino food. When I had my vacation from Philippines, I couldn´t able to bring Filipino food with me that´s why there was no " meet ups happened in my cribs " but I will try next time to bring Filipino food. It was not normal meetings ( usually it is always me Jenny and Janet and no more ) but that time there were other Janet´s friend who were there too. I met Janet´s friend through Facebook, that was almost the first time I met them in person.

I met Khim ( I met Khim through Facebook ) and Nheng ( Nheng or Easther was my previous costumer in my small business). They are very nice person that´s why I am happy that they became my friends too. Yesterday was my unusual day, I seldom met friends who lived outside the City and it was happened yesterday. Janet and her kiddos, Jenny and I visited Nheng. It was all our first time to visited Nheng´s home so we we´re not there in the exactly time that we should. It was could and windy, the train stopped for almost 30 minutes.The train travel supposed to be for only 20 minutes but since there we´re problem, it took almost a hour if I was not mistaken. But it´s ok at least we got in our destination, safe and hungry LOL.

When we got at Nheng´s home, we started eating already since we we´re hungry and started talking, talking and talking. Time goes by so fast when you enjoy the conversation. Around four in the afternoon, Jenny and I left Nheng´s house. And guess what? We got free ride LOL.


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lerra said...

waaahhh..naka jogging diay ang buntis..cge lang la bitaw mo ka plete..heheh! thanks also for the time shyness! takecare sa buntis..hehe

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