Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I love Tabasco

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.


I remember back home, every Sunday my mom use to make a Pizza for our lunch, and she makes sure to add spice in the Pizza, since we all love spice sauce, specially me. My mom´s favorite food to make to us, is Pizza, it has been a tradition every Sunday my mom makes Pizza for lunch. For me personally, I love adding spices in my food because it gives more taste, and because I am used to spicy food, it always feel boring when I eat without any spice in my food.

When I migrated here in Sweden four years ago, I have been eating food without any spice and it is absolutely boring. I tried to go to different kind of food market here to find spice product to add to my food since I am longing to eat spicy food. When my husband and I went to the food market to buy our weekly food list, I found this TABASCO® Original Red, and without thinking I grabbed one. When we came home, I made my favorite Pizza and add the Tabasco sauce. And when I tasted my home made Pizza with Tabasco sauce, all I can say is " WOW " it taste very good, it is more than hot. I have been making home made pizza many times and I can say that this is my favorite Pizza. I will make this Pizza again next week since my  friends will visit me here in my apartment, and I´m it will be the Pizza Perfected which all my friends will going to love it.

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analou said...

I love tabasco too Shy. In fact I have a bottle here in our refrigerator. I like to add hot sauce in most of my foods. Osahay gani kay bisan pan ug kaon akong butangan sa tabasco...hehehhee...

bbtoo said...

My husband and I love Tabasco.

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