Sunday, 16 January 2011

back to business soon

I was bored last summer and couldn´t do anything at all that I like. One day I was chatting to my best friend in the Philippines and I told her that I am bored here, and it was opposite with her because she is running a small business, she sells lady´s clothes in the mall. She told me she was recently started with the business and she loved it. She sold well and get good profit, and she was busy all the time, contacting new costumers which will buys many clothes from her. She told me if I am bored why don´t I do the same likes she does, in that way my time will be occupied for a while since it is summer and vacation time in school.

It was a quick decision because for two weeks I have started my lady´s clothes business, since here in Sweden they are strict when it comes to rules in business and added also it has a very high taxes so I didn´t have my own shop in the mall instead I used our guest room as my shop, I cleaned and fixed everything, and hang those beautiful clothes that I sold. What I do was, invited friends at home and told them about my business, so they went home and saw some of my clothes and they bought some which was a good started.

It is still winter season now, but I planned to continue that business I had last summer but this time I make it easily for my costumers to contact me and see my products. Here are few of my plan, make a new site for my products and invites my friends to check it out and leave a comment to the products they like so I can see it when I visit my site. I will also provide free shipping if they can´t visit me so I can send the products through their home address and I will make them easily contact me so I am going to find business cards so I can give it away when I meet some of costumers. I got this idea about business card from my friend who is dentist and she always have a good contact with her costumers since she give away some dental business cards so her costumers can easily contact her any time.

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Sendo said...

congrats sa bagong business mo ah..magbenta ka na rin ng men's wear...ung sa hubby mo..baka bumili ako haha..pede ka rin magbenta sa net ah hehe ^^

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