Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year..

Hello guys! How was your Christmas and new year? I hope everything has a good celebration of Christmas and new year likes we had. It was few days since my last update here, it doesn't mean that I do not open this page everyday, actually I do open it everyday and read other blog´s update, I was lazy to type words in my laptop´s keyboard.

It is NEW YEAR for everybody, another year has added in our life, I wonder does anybody has a promise for this new year? I remembered husband asked me if I do has a new year resolution, but I was not sure what to answered him. For this year there is only one thing I am looking forward to, guess what? hhhmmm... TO BE A MOM :D....that´s why I never thought about my new year resolution, maybe to be a mom, nah it´s not a new year resolution HA HA.

This year is the very excited year for us, since we are waiting for our new member of our family. Our life will change completely, one part of our life will end and another part will start soon. It is mixed emotions, happy, worried, nervous and excited because of our new rule in our new life being a parent. I´m sure it will not be easy for us since it is our first baby, but one thing that I am sure we will LOVE being a parent.

To everybody who are parents, we will appreciate it if you can share some ideas what to do being a parent, we will love to hear from you guys.

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