Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Planning to buy new wardrobe

Many things need to be done before our baby will arrives, I have been so busy these past few days, fixing, throwing and arranging things in our home. When I was cleaning, I found many things that we never use ( it is husband things when he was still single ). Before throwing my husband´s things, of course I asked permission first, and he told me to throw everything that I think that we don´t need. We try to make the home has little thing since there will be a new member in our family which needs place.

We have an old wardrobe ( husband used it when he was still single )at home which I thought that should be thrown away. I asked my husband if it´s ok for him that I am going to throw his old wardrobe, and try to buy new one, and he was agree with me. Some of our furniture at home are totally need to replace and I am starting with our wardrobe.

I was surfing this morning for ideal wardrobe for our home, and I found different kind of wardrobe online, but only one of it made me very interesting, this Adria Gloss white wardrobes( refer to the picture above ). If we have this wardrobe our room will be lighter, since sun show up very seldom and it is still winter season this time of the year. The Adria bedroom wardrobe is made in high quality gloss lacquer, and it comes with two, three and four doors. Three doors are perfect for our bedroom. The thing I like with the Adria wardrobe is, it has different size for the internal structure. I will going to talk to my husband about this Adria wardrobe and see if he going to like it like I do.

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