Friday, 7 January 2011


A few months back, I discovered that I love to bake. I searched different kind of recipe through online, and I found some that I thought it will be worth of trying since I do not have my own recipe. In my first attempted to bake it was not good but it is not bad either, it was not surprised since I am a beginner so I expected that error, and never think about it, instead I just enjoy it, no matter what was the result.

I found some of the recipe I bake through online which mostly are American recipe, and I got problem with it, since the measurement is not the same in the Swedish recipe.

One time I found this American cheesecake recipe, since I never bake cheesecake I thought I will try it. Before I bought the ingredients for the cheesecake recipe, I searched online for a website where I can found a American measurement that translates to Swedish measurement. And yes I found some, which made me confuse since they do not have the exact translate for the Swedish measurement. But I need one of that measurement and I selected the lowest number of the measurement ( it is for the cheese amount that I need).

Finished. My cheesecake is in the oven and waiting to be cook! When I checked it, it seems there, something wrong about it. So I asked my husband what was the right translate amount for 4 (8 oz) to GRAM...and he said it mostly be more than 800 GRAM. My husband was laughing after I told him that I only used 200 GRAM of cheese, and I laughed too

OMG!!! guess how much I used? only 200 GRAM of cheese HA HA...I thought it will be disaster cheesecake that I made while waiting to be ready from oven. I realized I use only 1/4 cheesecake from the original recipe. But what happened, happened so I just wait until it´s ready.

When it was ready, we wait for few minutes before tasting it since it was still very warm from the oven. I never thought it tasted delicious, MAYBE it will not be delicious like the original recipe but we love it. And husband said to me " we called this recipe C CAKE since you put 1/4 of the cheese which was very far from the original recipe, so instead of CHEESECAKE it will be C CAKE ha ha. That day was fun, the C CAKE made our day!


yen said...

followed and added u.
that sounds funny but at least you already know now

sexyjessie said...

Wow, a mistake turns out to be good. At least you know what to add on next time. :)

Yen said...

we all have our first try, and in our first try we encounter lots of mistake, but those mistakes helps us to improve and become the best:-)Penge ng bake mo, hehe mukhang yummy talaga!

Dhemz said...

ayay! pagkalami sa snack sa buntis....agi ko dire nyora...hope all is well....:)

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