Sunday, 9 January 2011

spent half day sleeping

I have been so lazy these days, and today was the laziness because I spent half of the day sleeping. I know it is not good for me since I am pregnant, but it seems sometimes I need to do it to feel good. I can´t go out because it is slippery on the ground which is easy for me to fell down and hurt myself or worse my baby, I prefer to stay home than to go out, it is also cold, so it is all good reason to stay home and feel safe and warm. We we´re planning to buy treadmill so we can do exercise even we are inside in our home. I need exercise since my labor day is getting near, so I hope we get the treadmill soon. Here was my lazy schedule today.

11:00 woke up
12:00 making brunch
1:00 back to bed and sleep
3:00 woke up again
4:00 making early dinner
5:00 sat down in the computer

School start this week so no more sleep for me LOL. I hope everybody had a great weekend.


analou said...

I think that is normal for women who are pregnant to sleep more than they used to. ANyway, glad to hear that you're doing okay Shy. Have a nice and wonderful day.

GAGAY said...

wooow! how i wish i could sleep even more than you te shy!!! good for u to have that long sleep hours!!

Im..but GAGAY.
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