Saturday, 15 January 2011

A good buy

Every weekend we always try to go out and take a short walk to exercise our legs, and after that either we eat lunch in our favorite restaurant or go to the Asian Store to buy some food stuffs which exclusively for me. Today we decided to take a short walk and went to Asian Store for food stuffs, since we are out of rice husband suggested to buy few kilos of rice in the Asian Store and I thought it was a good idea. We went home with ten kilos. of rice, noodles, can goods and fish. After we had relaxed for couples of minutes, I cook some of the food stuffs we got from Asian Store, the rice is good quality, and also the rest, I combined the sardines and lucky me noodles, and guess what? while I was eating, I felt I was in my hometown Philippines, and it is a good feeling.

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