Monday, 17 August 2009

Last week event in the City where I lived :P

Me with the two giant soldiers back in 50 years or so.

Concert where the singer sang the old songs.

They we´re on costumes :P

They we´re in costumes too :P.

They we´re talking and laughing, so I thought it would be nice to captured them :P.

Swedish sea boat, it was been travelling to several countries like China.

Last week was a busy days in our City because it was celebrating the end of the summer, so you can find many kinds of events such as live bands, sea battle and other events too. It was difficult week for us, since we lived in the center of the City, too much noisy, we can´t slept at night even though we closed our windows. Since we lived in the center of the City, after my husband works we walked in the City and tried to see nice events, but we didn´t like the one who was performing because it was to noisy in the ear and not a type of music we enjoyed, so we went home and decided to watched the sea battle with my mother-in-law and her sister and my husband´s cousins.

It was started around 9 in the evening that´s why I couldn´t get a good photos, so I decided not upload it, only the photos which is clear to see :P. The sea battle took only 20 minutes, maybe you wonder if it´s really real sea battle. Forget about it because it´s only a game and the aim were to showed the people how it sounds or looks like to be in the sea battle back in 100 years. The two performers was the Swedish sea boat and the Denmark sea boats, they we´re just went here to performed the games for 20 minutes :P. But anyway that was cool scene, I thought that I was in the sea battle 100 years ago.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nice photos friend...seems nag enjoy kayo dyan...

Maxi said...

thanks for sharing shy! unta makatravel pud ko dira sa inyo para apil pud ko sa picture picture. hehe. layo man gud bah!

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