Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Birthday Janet of Insights

Our dear friend Janet is celebrating her 35 BIRTHDAY today, for me she does not look 35 at all, no kidding! it is true that she does not look 35, for me she is around 25 years old. This girl is very nice person, she is like my ate (Jenny also) because I feel they both care a lot about me, and I am thankful for that since I don´t have any relatives here except my husband and his family. Anyway girl HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish you good health for you and your family and a new little angel :P. So if you like to greet Janet of Insights then visit her blog, make her day more happy.


David Funk said...

S-H-Y, I couldn't agree more about what you said of Janet. I had no idea she was the same age as me! No way I would have thought that either! I'm glad that you are friends as is most anyone else that has met her!

Thanks for sharing my dear friend! Happy Birthday Janet!

teJan said...

wow shy, thanks, heheh! problema man ni ako comment funkar..chaon man kaha na oi! hehe
thanks girl for this post!


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