Friday, 21 August 2009

I will continue..

I had my interviewed with my Swedish teacher yesterday, and she told me that having another subjects will be too much for me. But I told her that when I was in the Philippines school I have more than ten (10) subjects a day and I managed to pass all that subjects and it´s really depend on me because even I have only one subject but I don´t use my free time to study it´s useless, but if I have many subjects and I am really inspire to study then it doesn´t matter how many subjects I have, the matter is, if I am inspire to study. After I told her about it, she changed the topic and talked other things instead. After that conversation with my teacher, I got confused, because I both needs my two other subjects but she told me that I need to drop one of them, but I don´t want to, because I know I need that subjects in my everyday life. So I was not really happy going home yesterday, I have some question in my mind likes "if I continue my other subjects or should I drop them.

I waited my husband until he went home because I wanted to discussed this problem I have. When my husband went home, I showed him my schedule in school and I explained to him that my teacher told me to drop one of my other subjects. And my husband told me that I don´t need to drop any of my subjects, instead I continue it and we will study together at home. My husband said maybe your teacher used to students who is not studying, that´s why she said that to you. After I talked to my husband, I made my decision to continue my other subjects and if I miss some lecture from any of my subjects, I am going to study at home instead. And I know I can do these since I am really inspire to study.

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sexyjessie said...

Go ahead Shy, go and take up the extra subjets if you can. I know that you have the inspiration to study.

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