Sunday, 30 August 2009

My father-in-law brother has passed away

My husband got a phone call around six (6) in the evening from his father and was telling a bad news that my father-in-law brother has passed away around four (4) in the afternoon today. It just proved the word "expect the unexpected" I met my father-in-law brother when we attend a family reunion, that was my first time to met him, and I remember I sat with him during lunch time. We we´re not really sad because it was not un expected he was around 85 years old, everything is possible. Instead we we´re happy because he will at our Gods´s hand and also he can rest now from being alone all his life. Anyway Uncle Sven may you rest in peace. It was my pleasure to met you and I always remember that day evens you are in the heaven now with God.

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