Friday, 28 August 2009

Finally I tasted durian after more than 2 years

It was long time ago since I tasted durian, that´s why when I went to Asian Store with Jenny yesterday I couldn´t help myself not to bought these durian even it was a little expensive than a normal price. When I got home, I went direct to the kitchen and started eating these durian you see above. It tasted different as I expected but it still very delicious. Maybe you don´t know guy, that my hometown Davao is the famous place to find delicious durian. I remember those days, when I visited my relatives in the province (1 hour jeepney trip to the center of Davao) who has a huge plant of durian, sometimes we we´re invited to their place just to eat durian, I miss those days specially right now that I am living here in Sweden. But who knows, maybe I will experience it again later this year or next year.

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klivengood said...

hahaha lamia sa nawong sa imong durian Shy oi...hope nag enjoy ka pag ayo sa imong durian..hehe ting durian na ra ba diri sa davao shy.

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