Monday, 24 August 2009

My halloween costume

I was talking to my friend here in Sweden, and she invited me to join their Halloween Party which will be held in their place. I get really exciting what to wear during that party, that´s why I search the net to find Halloween costumes where I can select different kinds of halloween costumes . I have already idea what to wear, and I like to have a witch costume because I know it´s really fit the party about and I wanted to look beautiful at the same time scary. After a minutes of searching, I found this Website which sell the largest online collection of Halloween costumes. I look at their collection and I found some favourite for my up coming Halloween party but unfortunately I need to select only one costume and I selected the bewitchingly good witch because as I mentioned earlier that I want to look beautiful at the same time scary. The picture below was the one I selected from which I will probably purchase and wear it during the party. I really like it a lot. What do you think about my up coming costume?

I remember before when I attended a Halloween party in the Philippines, some of my costumes was really scary like vampire woman, midnight fairy and other costumes too. I always enjoy attending Halloween party because you can see the people wearing different kind of scary costumes and people can make different kinds of ideas how they will look scary. What about you? Are you invited or planning to attend a Halloween party this year? Then is the right website for you to choose your Halloween costume because they have a huge of collection of Halloween party which I´m sure you can find your favourite Halloween costume likes I do. If you order more than $50 with the code "pppfree" then you get a free shipping. Is it not wonderful? If I were you, I will check their website and get the best Halloween costume that you ever wish for!


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

I like that cstume! so beautiful ^_^ i'm excited for halloween

Rossel said...

nice header shy! ikaw gumawa?

Seiko said...

Nice costume Shy!:D
Enjoy the party!:D

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