Saturday, 29 August 2009

My husband´s muffins

My husband went home yesterday with a very good mood, and he told me that he will made a muffin so I just let him do it. I just sat in the computer and waiting for his muffin until it will ready to eat. As I always mentioned that my husband tried to make food as long he can, specially if he is not tired from work. OMG! my husband´s muffins tasted very delicious :P. My husband always good in the kitchen evens before he met me. Anyway what can you say about my husband´s muffins? Does it look delicious?


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow! ang galing naman ng hubby mo sa kusina ^_^ mukhang masarap yan ha. patikim hehe ^_^

sexyjessie said...

Hmmm, these muffins certainly look delicious! Wish I could have a bite of it. Lol..

MaxiVelasco said...

ay.. yum yum yum. gigutom hinuon ko dah. hehe. sige. kaon sa ko usab.

ui. salamat sa pag-add. na add napud nako ni na blog sa akong nga blog.

ingna lang ko kung unsa pa ang i-exlinks nato ha. ready kaayo ko. hehe.


Dorothy L said... are a lucky girl. You have muffins and hubby for desert :)

Cacai M. said...

Hello Shy, looks so yummy Shy. I hope my hubby can cook like this.. heheh.. Anyway, it's just okay because he is busy with his work. Patikim namn nyan Shy.. yumm!

nuts said...

delicioso!!! mmm.. masarap nga.

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