Wednesday, 19 August 2009

First Day in School

Yesterday was my first day in school even though my subjects are not in proper schedule yet, I will have interview tomorrow for my Swedish subject (which is the one lacking to complete my subject). I had time to post today and comment and visit my friends here in blogsphere because I don´t have school today. My English and Math subjects has different kinds of schedule, I will study English twice a week and my math will be the same too, since I have conflict with the both subject, but I already talked to my teacher and they told me that it´s ok if I can´t be always present to their subject but I should study by myself, and I will do my best to study always at home. It was a good started in the school, everything went well. Let see if I will love my study this time since I had other subject than only Swedish. I´m looking forward to learn more about English and Mathematics in Swedish way. By next week, I´m sure that I will start to be busy from school, but I always try to update my blog (you know guy, I can´t live for one day without visiting my blog :P). SO stay tune and there will be more posting about me :P.

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Weng Forsgren said...

Hello my shy :)
good luck sa imong study, i am sure you will like it. Bahala na og lisod fight for it. kay mao na atong first stone dri para maka work.
Kaya nimo na...basta pinoy kaya tanan.

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