Sunday, 23 August 2009

Food Trip :P

Wife Made

Husband Made

This week was my lazy day because I don´t felt good. Last Saturday my husband made our dinner as he usually does every weekend. It was so delicious and I love it specially when it made by my loving husband. And he also took a walked alone like he usually does also :P he is very careful with his health, he cannot just sit down the whole weekend at home. His weekend would not be complete without his exercise (walking in the nature exercise).

And today (Sunday) I decided to made our dinner which is rice and thai curry chicken, Since I migrate here in Sweden I started to discover that I love cooking so I am trying to cook different kinds of recipe with the help of Internet where I can search hundred of thousand of recipes :P. I am glad because my husband love it and he always tell me that I am getting better and better in the kitchen. It was a lazy and wonderful weekend with my husband and tomorrow will be school time for me and work time for my husband. How about you? What have you done this weekend?


klivengood said...

oi murag yummy man imong chicken curry Shy kay ako kung mag luto ug chicken curry, wa man nako butangi ug culliflower...potato, carrots, green/red bell pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, ra man. Try daw nako ng imong recipe. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hello shy!
Kalami sa inyong sud-an uy.kung mokaon pa lang akong bana ug karne,dali ra jud para sa akoa.

Pero,pareho sa imong bana nagaluto pud siya hinuon.

Kami diri sa davao shy,grabe ang laag,kadayawan gud...
byernes pa lang nagdinner mi sa gawas,tan-aw ug sine.saturday,indak-indak human sine na pud...pagkasunday,floral float parade,human uli.
ang akong premyo,naglain ang akong tutunlan,basin tonsilitis na pud ni,simbako palayo o di kaya sip-onon lang ko,tungod sa grabeng init.

Seiko said...

Hello Shy!
Your food here looks so delish & 'm drooling now while seeing this photos,hindi pa kasi ako kumakain eh:D
Thanks for the visit.wil going to add you in my bloglist & 'm following you now .Happy Monday!

shydub said...

Kalami ba sa imu pagkaon dha shy, naa pka daghan sobra ana. mao na gamayng babae pero look atthe food hehehe preho tayo labas sa plato ang pagkain sa dami ng rice

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