Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I will have test in English and Mathematics tomorrow

I need to sleep early tonight, since I will having a test tomorrow in English and Mathematics. It is not really officially school day tomorrow, I just need to take the test and after that I will do a window shopping and see if I can bring something new things from the shop. This coming monday I will start my school, I am excited because I will have a new classmates and it means I will meet new people. Since my school will start very soon, I need to change my routine such as waking up early than I usually do, more concentrate in my study, less blogging and more studying at home since I am really bad at that. This time, I will concentrate in my study this time, not like last term. I hope I will do all these things I said here :P. Night night guys, see you tomorrow afternoon because I will have a whole day in the school.
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