Thursday, 26 March 2009

AnyBody Help!!!

It´s really frustrating because I just found out with the help of my co-blogger Maxi that this blog´s dashboard show my other blog which I don´t have any post and I´m really sad and feel mad with myself because I am trying to fix the problem but sad to say I couldn´t fix it and I´m still planning to find the problem and I hope I can fix it because I think maybe this is the problem why my pr was gone. And when somebody view my dashboard it show the wrong blog with no entry. I hope somebody can help me with this problem it will be a high appreciated. Cia for now and I will start to find the problem again and I hope somebody will leave a comment whiles I´m doing it because it will be a big help and as you know guy I don´t know much about this that´s why I´m asking for all your possible help.


MaxiVelasco said...

hello ganda. sorry if now lang nakareply. may dumating kasing visitor. mga 10.30 na umuwi. she was here from 4pm. di ko na nacheck ang blog ko while she was here sa apartment. sorry na ha..

ui. thanks for mentioning my name. i can actually help you with this one. i will write about it on my other blog on what to do kasi it's a very long process. not really very long pero, medyo complicated. promise, after kong maisulat on my blog, i will let you know kaagad para makahelp sa iyo.

night night now... take care..

S-H-Y said...

Thanks sa comment na mataas LOL..chege wait lng ako about it, pero medyo ok na din blog ko kasi my husband help me pero I still need some info..

Maxi said...

hehe. mataas talaga ako magcomment. parang di ka na nasanay.

anyway, i wrote about it na. here's the link:

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