Sunday, 22 March 2009

Let´s Be Friend Award

Thanks Chelle for sharing this award to me and I really appreciate it. And I would like to apologise for the late post because I been so busy for this passed few days from school.

Not much special about this blog and it just a blog about my everyday experience here in Sweden, I do this blog since when I got home and alone and nobody to talk with so I decided to made a blog so that I can talk through my blog about my experience, feelings and anything it could be personal too. Even this blog is not perfectly good in grammar that´s not bothed me because I put effort of what I´m writing here and since I am studying swedish language that´s give me more difficult writing in english grammar at least I know I do my best to almost perfect in my grammar. Through this blog I met friend all over the world and I think that´s my pay back making this blog and beside I earn some bucks and I love my blog because it´s like my everyday diary. As I said my blog is not really special to other people but for me this is really big achivement.

Anyway I wrote too long here maybe you get bored so I ´m passing this award to all my fellow blogger friends mwah to you all!

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