Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Top 5 Women in my Life!

I received this tag from Amy and I apologies for the late posting. Thanks Ams for being good friend to me even we met through blogging.

Here´s the top women in my life:

1. My mother because she´s been so strong and manage to took care of me when I was small, she does everything to make me think that she love me and my sibling. She is the best mom in the world for me and I miss her a lot.

2. My bestfriend Rutchel because she always there for me no matter what happen, she guide and advise me as her friend. I feel really comfortable to talk everything to her. She´s been my friend since I was grade four in Elementary until now even I´m here in Sweden.

3. My mother-in-law because she accepted me for whom I am and I can feel and see that she love me like her daughter.

4.My sister because they help my parent to take care of me and my sibling when we were small.

5. Britney Spears because I like her a lot her song and moves, everything about her even other people try to think negative about her but she´s still my idol forever.


kittykat said...

Hi Shy..I also did this tag in my blog..

Nice to know these women have touched your life..

amiable amy said...

shy, thanks for posting this tag ha...britney fan ka pala ha...i just wish her good mind set to choose something good for herself...

she is human too, nagkakamali sa choices, inlove kasi sobra

anyway, thanks for sharing the women in your life, good to know how they made you feel so secure and loved

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